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Student Chapter Bordeaux

The SPIE Student Chapter-Bordeaux was established on 20 April 2015. The SPIE-Bordeaux Chapter is an organization of students from the University of Bordeaux sharing common interest and passion in Optics and Photonics related activities. The Chapter is affiliated with and supported by the SPIE itself to promote leadership and involvement of student members in career development.

SPIE student chapter Bordeaux is the fourth of its kind in France and we are planning to reach out to other student chapters around the world (Germany, Canada…) as well as in France.

Why would I like to be a member of SPIE-Bordeaux?

Being a member of SPIE-Bordeaux, you’re eligible to participate in the future SPIE-Bordeaux undertakings for FREE. Chapter members can also avail the membership benefits such as Eligibility for SPIE Scholarship, travel assistance, reduced registration fees and discounts at SPIE Conferences, free scientific reading materials, attending cool events etc.

Eventually, being a member of this student chapter will allow you to create your own network in the Optics and Photonics field in the long run.

How to become a member of SPIE-Bordeaux ?

Everyone, from high school to doctoral students, is welcomed to be a member of SPIE-Bordeaux. If you have further inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact Pierre Fauché (pierre.fauche@u-bordeaux.fr) and he will be pleased to accept your registration as well as answering your questions.

Generally, being member of SPIE student chapter of Bordeaux, you will be enjoying our friendly meetings, events, and event’s preparation and it will also help you to take advantage of the above membership benefits.

2015 Chapter Officers

President: Quentin D'Acremont 

Vice-PresidentJoyce Bou Sleiman 

Secretary: Pierre Fauche 

TreasurerJean Baptiste Perraud 

WebmasterWendwesen Gebremichael

AdvisorPhilippe Lalanne 

website : link