Laser & Photonics in Aquitaine 

General presentation

Funded by the Excellence Initiative of the University of Bordeaux, LAPHIA (Laser and Photonics in Aquitaine) boosts research through collective site projects, drawing on the excellence of materials science and physics teams.

LAPHIA unites the academic community in three main areas:

  • Lasers and high energy physics
  • Photonics and materials
  • Innovative imaging


? To federate the entire scientific community through interdisciplinary projects in the field of lasers and photonics, and raise the international profile of Bordeaux research.   ? To accelerate the process of technology transfer and the employability of its students by strengthening ties with businesses.
? To develop an area for collaborations with the industrials, laboratories and international partners.   ? To provide students with a range of internationallyrecognised training courses, to enable them to become managers in photonics.