Laser & Photonics in Aquitaine 

The aims

What are our aims?

The University of Bordeaux and schools are a breeding ground for future research. LAPHIA goes hand in hand with the actors of training in physics and chemistry at the University of Bordeaux, in order to extend the innovation effort of the laser and photonics sector. To open up training to an international audience, LAPHIA offers mobility opportunities to partner universities.

Opportunities offered by LAPHIA

Inbound and outbound:

This is supported through partnerships between LAPHIA and international universities for the joint supervision of theses and double Master’s degrees.


Finding employment is facilitated by links which LAPHIA forges with industries. Students receive assistance for technology transfers,  entrepreneurship and development.


Personalised support for  students
Sponsorship by industries
Contact with student associations

An optics-photonics-lasers training platform was created to structure and develop the Bordeaux training in that sector and to position it internationally.

Initial education:

To help improve the experience of
students on optics and materials
courses, LAPHIA supports the
development of a sector specialising
in materials and photonics, by
sharing resources with the satellite
Institute of Optics Graduate School
(IOGS) in Bordeaux.

Vocational education and training:

LAPHIA has partnered with PYLA,
the training centre for the Route des
Lasers cluster.

Entrepreneurship training:

LAPHIA has partnered with the Aquitaine Entrepreneurial Campus (ECA) in order to access  educational, training and support tools for business start-up or take-over.