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PHAROS Event 2016 > Oct.24-26, 2016

 24/10 - 26/10

PHAROS EVENT 2016, will be held in Bordeaux (France) on October 24th-26th 2016.

> Create a forum to discuss new ideas and emerging technologies in optoelectronics and photonics from Research levels to Commercial applications. 

Dernière mise à jour jeudi 11 février 2016

Registration : http://www.routedeslasers.com/eng/pharos#conference-form

The interest for hosting PHAROS EVENT in Bordeaux in 2016 is directly linked to the competences of a numerous number of players working in the field of laser processing. As a first example, hereafter is listed a pool of teams within the center of Excellence LAPHIA (Excellence Initiative from Bordeaux University) promotes research through collaborative inter-site projects that draw on its teams' expertise in materials science and physics. Combining teams from 11 different laboratories from the whole Aquitaine Region, LAPHIA brings this academic community together to focus on three key areas: lasers and high energy density physics; photonics and materials; and innovative imaging. LAPHIA is building a unique centre of excellence, which is becoming recognised among the most prominent national and international laser and photonics research centres, working at the forefront of this domain from the following labs: CELIA, LOMA, LP2N, ISM, ICMCB, IMS...

PHAROS is a joint R&D action launched in June 2014 by Route des Lasers and Aerospace Valley competitiveness clusters aiming at leveraging photonics & laser technologies massive adoption in aerospace industry. Among the initiative of PHAROS for raising awareness of the aerospace industry, the research labs, SME’s and start-up active in photonics & laser, is planned the PHAROS EVENT to promote PHAROS objectives and the emergence of PHAROS community.