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LAPHIA Seminar : Joris Lousteau, 14th Jan 2020, IOA, 11AM
« Soft-glass optical fibres: A versatile photonic material platform for light generation and transmission from UV to mid-IR »
7e Symposium LAPHIA : 12-13 novembre 2019
Article // Increased rise time of electron temperature during adiabatic plasmon focusing
Nature Communications 2017

CRPP/LP2N/LAPHIA Seminar : Pr. Jaemin Lim, Tuesday 20th Feb., 14:00, IOA

Publié le mardi 27 février 2018
CRPP/LP2N/LAPHIA Seminar : Pr. Jaemin Lim, Tuesday 20th Feb., 14:00, IOA

Séminaire organisé par le CRPP et le LP2N, avec le soutien du LAPHIA.

Pr. Jaemin Lim,
Controlled Quantum Dynamics group, Ulm University

« Vibronic coherence in artificial light-harvesters and organic solar cells »

Tuesday 20th Feb. 2018, 14:00 – 15:00 (welcome coffee at 13:45)

Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, Amphithéâtre

Recent advances in nonlinear spectroscopy have revealed the presence of long-lived quantum coherences in light-harvesting systems, including photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes and organic solar cells. Experimentally observed long-lived coherences have raised a question about their microscopic origin: how coherences are maintained in noisy biological and chemical environments? In this talk, I will present the concept of vibronic (electronic-vibrational) coupling mechanism, where non-equilibrium vibrational motions promote coherent electronic motions under noisy environments. I will present two examples where the vibronic coupling induces long-lasting coherent features in excitonic dynamics and charge separation, identified based on the detailed theoretical modeling of experimentally observed electronic 2D spectra of artificial light-harvesters and conjugated polymers.