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The LAPHIA Excellence Cluster, funded by the Initiative d' Excellence (IdEx), supports the actors of the physics and chemistry training at the University of Bordeaux to reinforce the innovation effort of the laser and photonics cluster. In order to open up international training, LAPHIA offers mobility opportunities with partner universities and the financing of internships for foreign students.

Two separate calls for projects are offered to students:

1 / AAP Education - Student Mobility

2 / AAP Education - PhD extension grant

A third one is dedicated to Invited Professors

3 / AAP Education - Invited Professor

All details here below.

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1 / AAP Education - Student Mobility

Since the start of the Cluster, we have structured the Training program and we are launching a Call for Education Projects to finance the mobility of undergraduate and graduate students.

Applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis and projects will be evaluated once a month.

Attention: international mobility requires a long implementation period. Applications must be submitted at least 6 months before the start of an internship or exchange with an international partner.

A call for two types of funding: Depending on the student's mobility (outgoing or incoming) and degree of study, LAPHIA's financial support will cover the payment / reimbursement of part of the travel expenses (flight tickets, accommodation, etc.) or the allocation of an internship grant (for international students with a Bachelor's or Master's degree coming to a laboratory at the University of Bordeaux). The diagram below summarizes the differences in funding by situation.

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2 / AAP Education - PhD extension grant

The Cluster of Excellence LAPHIA has set up a PhD Extension Grant to help students at the end of their theses in cotutelle (international joint thesis) to complete their work for a high level publication, for instance.

This funding, for a maximum duration of 6 months, takes effect following the initial thesis scholarship and is intended primarily for students in joint PhD with LAPHIA partner universities (U. laval, INRS, UCF, FSU Jena, Yonseï, etc.).

Candidates are strongly encouraged to also submit to other grants. There is no limitation concerning the number of candidates per team. 

Eligibility criteria

  1. The candidate is accomplishing his/her PhD in cotutelle with a partner university.
  2. The candidate should be in his/her 3rd year of his/her Ph.D, and is already accepted by the doctorate school during the period covered by the extension grant.
  3. The PhD ending work must be conducted in a Bordeaux LAPHIA laboratory team.


We recommend that applicants submit their applications at least 4 months before the end of their initial funding period.

To submit your candidacy please send us (manager.laphia@u-bordeaux.fr) a single PDF document providing the following information:

1. General Information:

a. Title of the PhD

b. Host laboratories, supervisors

c. Curriculum and career plan, including:

i. Fellowship obtained for the first 3 years + submitted grant for PhD completion

ii. Indication of active seeking of a post-doc (e.g. e-mail with potential post-doc laboratory…) not mandatory but could be useful.

iii. Publication list (published, submitted and in progress) & congress participations (oral and/or poster)

d. Calendar for the extension grant (PhD defense date)

2. Abstract (250 words)

3. Description of the accomplished experiments and obtained results (3 pages)

4. Both supervisors support letters (should precise commitment concerning the research results and mandatory courses necessary for PhD defense in both institutions at the defense date).

Evaluation criteria

1. Curriculum and career plan

2. Quality of the application

3. Quality of the methodology (progress achieved and planning for the completion of the thesis, feasibility)

4. Potential results in high impact publications

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3 / AAP Visiting Professor

The LAPHIA Excellence Cluster has set up a grant to finance the arrival of foreign teacher-researchers.

This funding, for a maximum period of 3 months, may cover part of the travel (transport) and accommodation costs up to a maximum of 3000 euros per month (the overall funding being calculated on a pro rata basis and on the basis of the overall budget).

Eligibility criteria

  1. The candidate must be welcomed into a team affiliated to the LAPHIA (prior agreement of the laboratory, the project must be validated).
  2. The candidate undertakes to work in collaboration with the host teams.
  3. The candidate undertakes to present a seminar or organise a series of courses.


We recommend that candidates submit their application at least 4 months before the trip.

To submit your application, please send us by email (manager.laphia@u-bordeaux.fr) a unique PDF document containing the following information:

1. General information (detailed CV)

2. Summary of the proposed visit and description of the actions planned

3. Budget of the visit and funding requested

4. Cover letters from the host laboratory