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AAP Events

LAPHIA supports the organisation of events in Bordeaux, France or abroad.

  • AAP Events
      • 1 ) APP Events - Seminars in Bordeaux
      • 2 ) AAP Events - Conferences, Workshops and Schools


1 ) APP Events - Seminars in Bordeaux

If you would like to propose or present a scientific seminar on LAPHIA themes, please contact us by email at manager.laphia@u-bordeaux.fr

LAPHIA is responsible for the reception and organisation of speakers at LAPHIA seminars. A selection committee is in charge of studying each application and co-organising the seminars.


2 ) AAP Events - Conferences, Workshops and Schools

The LAPHIA dedicates a part of its annual Call for Projects (AAP) to the financial support of scientific events such as conferences, summer schools, etc.. This support is conditional on eligibility criteria (detailed in the document below) and the validation of applications by a committee. The amounts will be determined by the selection committee and may not exceed € 1,500.

You can send your request by e-mail to the following address (manager.laphia@u-bordeaux.fr) by attaching the completed application form (download below: LAPHIA AAP-Events - Fiche de Renseignement. docx).

LAPHIA AAP-Evenements - Fiche de Renseignement LAPHIA AAP-Evenements - Fiche de Renseignement
LAPHIA AAP-Evenements - Critères de soutien LAPHIA AAP-Evenements - Critères de soutien