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What are our objectives?

The University and schools of Bordeaux are a breeding ground for tomorrow's research. LAPHIA supports the actors of the physics and chemistry training at the University of Bordeaux to reinforce the innovation effort of the laser and photonics cluster. In order to open up international training, LAPHIA offers mobility opportunities with partner universities.

The opportunities offered by LAPHIA

Incoming and outgoing mobility: Supported through partnerships between LAPHIA and international universities for joint thesis fellowships and double Master's degrees.

LAPHIA organizes calls for training projects (AAP Formation) to finance student mobility.

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Professional integration is facilitated by the links that LAPHIA has forged with the industrial sector. Students benefit from support for technology transfer, entrepreneurship and promotion.

  • Personalized support for students
  • Sponsorship by industrialists
  • Contact with Student Associations

Strengthening existing training

In order to structure and develop Bordeaux's photonics training offer and position it internationally, an optical-photonics laser training platform has been created. Hosted by Marie-Bénédicte Vieules, this platform focuses our efforts in three areas:

Initial training

In order to encourage the orientation of students in an optical and materials course, LAPHIA supports the development of a specialization course in materials and photonics, through a mutualization with the Institut d' Optique Graduate School (IOGS) in Bordeaux.

Continuing education 

LAPHIA partners with PYLA, the continuing education centre of the Route des Lasers cluster. PYLA offers more than 40 training courses on the different themes of lasers, optics, photonics and their applications. 

Entrepreneurship training

LAPHIA is partnering with Entrepreneuriat Campus Aquitaine (ECA) to access awareness raising, training and support tools for business creation or takeover.