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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx LAPHIACluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Our research projects

Since 2013, LAPHIA has funded research projects through an annual call for proposals. Find below all the LAPHIA projects.

AAP year Projects type Acronyme Project titles Coordinator
AAP 2013 Collaboratif INPHOTARCH Integrated Photonic Architectures  Vincent RODRIGUEZ
AAP 2013 Collaboratif TAINEPEC Tailored Nanostructure s for Efficient Plasmons- Emitters Coupling Brahim LOUNIS
AAP 2013 Collaboratif PETAPHYS Preparation of the high power laser system PETAL for experimental studies of inertial confinement fusion and high energy density states of matter Vladimir TIKHONCHUK
AAP 2013 Collaboratif EXOLAS EXOtic LASers and optical materials  Véronique JUBERA
AAP 2013 Autre Epistémologie et histoire des sciences Des navires aux fusées. L’Institut du Pin et la chimie des résines en Aquitaine (1900-1970) Jérôme PIERREL
AAP 2013 Mobilité TR XANES Time-resolved XANES on X- ray Free Electron Laser to investigate High Energy Density matter Fabien DORCHIES
AAP 2013 Risky Sted&Struct Super- Resolution Structing of Inorganic Materials with STED-like Direct Laser Writing Yannick PETIT
AAP 2013 Risky JANAPA Janus Nanocomposit es : Towards efficient production for Photonic Applications  Jean OBERLE
AAP 2013 Risky Visible Fiber Light Nouvelles sources fibrées blanches de forte énergie  Eric FREYSZ
AAP 2013 Risky Loss in Plasmonics Theoretical study of absorption loss in plasmonics launchers Philippe LALANNE
AAP 2013 Passeport RAMAN X Laser à Electrons Libres X Raman : Mise en oeuvre et configurations spécifiques à visée industrielle Philippe BALCOU
AAP 2013 Passeport HifretCancer Détection d’interactions de molécules uniques à ultra- haute densité appliquée au cancer du sein Laurent COGNET
AAP 2013 Risky INDIMONE Individual molecules as nanoprobes of their environment Brahim LOUNIS
AAP 2013 Risky ATTOFLOWER Mesures fines d'impulsions attosecondes : une voie pour tester l'existence de fluctuations stochastiques de la vitesse de la lumière dans le vide Eric CONSTANT
AAP 2013 Risky MULTIVOR Towards high-density multiple vortices light fields Etienne BRASSELET
AAP 2013 Risky LSFM BIO 3D Versatile Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy for in vitro imaging of tumor development and tissue growth Pierre NASSOY
AAP 2014 Mobilité NanoSand Nanostructured “Sandwiches” for the Study of Plasmon Enhanced Energy Transfer Serge RAVAINE
AAP 2014 Mobilité ElectroDyn Electronic Dynamics of Double Ionization in Strong and Short Fields Fabrice CATOIRE
AAP 2014 Passeport ProXMI Protein-Crystal Multimodal Imaging Vincent RODRIGUEZ
AAP 2014 Risky GigaPico GHz repetition rate agile frequency comb for laser picosecond acoustic spectroscopy Giorgio SANTARELLI
AAP 2014 Risky ATAS Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy Yann MAIRESSE
AAP 2014 Passeport APLL-CLOCK  Atomic phase-locked loop for timekeeping  Andrea BERTOLDI 
AAP 2014 Risky MOBILE MOdeling of laser induced Bulk space charge separation in tailored sILver-doped phospathE glass materials Guillaume DUCHATEAU
AAP 2014 Risky Towards NANO PLASMONIC IMAGING  Plasmon Focusing for High Resolution Ultrafast Energy Transfer Imaging in a Single Nanowire Stefan DILHAIRE
AAP 2015 Risky CHIRALIGHT Optical sorting of material chirality by chiral light : towards the nanoscale Etienne BRASSELET
AAP 2015 Risky TULIMA Turn Light Into Matter  Xavier RIBEYRE
AAP 2015 Risky OTISREDdING OpTIcal trapping of Single nano-objects : optical measuREments on trappeD objects and nanoscopic probING of complex optical fields Yann LOUYER
AAP 2015 Mobilité ILE-ICF Study of physics of Inertial Confinement Fusion in collaboration with the Institute of Laser Engineering Dimitri BATANI
HORS AAP 2015 InterlabEx MULTIMAT Etude multi-physique de matériaux du patrimoine dans leur contexte environnemental à des fins conservatoires. Bruno BOUSQUET
HORS AAP 2015 InterlabEx NANO 2 BRAIN Single NANOtube and NANOdot imaging in living Brain environments Laurent COGNET
HORS AAP 2015 Autre MIGA PHYS Physics Beyond MIGA Benjamin CANUEL
HORS AAP 2015 Autre Multi material Fibers Multi material Fibers DANTO Sylvain
AAP 2016 Passeport 3DCAA Three-axis Cold-Atom Accelerometer for Inertial Navigation BATTELIER Baptiste
AAP 2016 Risky NeoPhos Neodymium doped phosphate-based fibers DANTO Sylvain
AAP 2016 Risky X-STACKS Complex optical stacks modeling tool VYNCK Kevin
AAP 2016 Risky TERATWIST Generation of broadband terahertz vortex beam ABRAHAM Emmanuel
AAP 2016 Mobilité GLOBAL Generation of Long-lived and strOng B fields for laboratory Astrophysics using high power Lasers DHUMIERES Emmanuel
AAP 2017 Risky BOSS Brownian motion at short time scales Julien Burgin
AAP 2017 Risky SWITCH NLO-switchable 2D functional materials: computational design of the next generation optical memories Frédéric Castet
AAP 2017 Risky CATH Modal theory of nanoresonators and applications Philippe Lalanne
AAP 2017 Risky Biophoxonics Single live cell optical ultrasonography Bertrand Audoin
AAP 2017 Risky OptoSWITCH Optical switching of Josephson devices Philippe Tamarat
AAP 2017 Passport PROSEED Portable, RObust and Sensitive SEnsor for Environmental Pollutant Detection Simon Joly
AAP 2017 Passport YPOParAm Ytterbium pumped oscillator for parametric amplifiers Eric Freysz
AAP 2017 Mobilité AdMeRaL Advanced Metrology of Random Lasers Giorgio Santarelli