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ICOPA 4_December 4-7, 2016

 05/12 - 07/12

The 4th edition of the international conference on optics, photonics and its applications (ICOPA4) will take place from 5 to 7 December 2016 in ICMCB-CNRS in Pessac (near Bordeaux).

Last update Friday 08 April 2016

This conference finds its justification in the increasing number of emerging applications of optics and photonics in the fields of imaging (for example holography), optical telecommunications, optical diagnostics in health and industry or the detection of pollutants. A large number of these applications have been obtained through the development and constantly improved performances of laser sources.

More information : http://icopa2016.sciencesconf.org/?lang=en

This event is supported by the Cluster of Excellence LAPHIA (IdEx Bordeaux).

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