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JMC 15_August 22-26, 2016 22/08 - 26/04JMC 15_August 22-26, 2016

In 2016, the 15th JMC-Condensed Matter Days of the French Physical Society – JMC15 will take place on the campus of Bordeaux University.

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Thanks to a Laphia grant, I was able to realize a 4 months internship at Laval University in Québec, Canada. This has been very rewarding from a professional point of view due to the working conditions which are not the same as in France. In fact, the equipment of the Centre d’Optique, Photonique et Laser laboratories are high-performance for their domain of expertize. Also from a personal point of view, I met and worked with people from different countries who I sympathized with. This experience made me want to go back to Quebec and do my master 2.

Béatrice Serment

Master student at Bordeaux University (France)

Vincent Wagnie

"In January 2015, I left the cold canadian winter to perform a research internship within the HarMoDyn group, from the CEntre Lasers Intenses et Applications (CELIA) at Université de Bordeaux. I participated to studies of ultrafast molecular dynamics using intense laser sources as work tools. I met passionate and very welcoming researchers with whom I learned in a friendly atmosphere. During my stay, I also discovered Bordeaux, a beautiful city which makes walking and cycling very pleasant, no matter the destination. The music scene is also very active (to my surprise!).

This experience allowed me to get in touch with excellent researchers in the field where I wish to specialize and also to target my career goals, mainly by confirming my choice to do a PhD. It was very rewarding, both professionally and culturally."

Vincent Wagnie

Student at INRS (Canada)

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A PhD in cotutelle is a unique experience! This allows me to work in two countries with two research groups, each one having different expertise. I have access to lots of scientific domains in chemistry and physics that I wouldn’t be able to explore if I was working in only one laboratory. The COPL at Université Laval in Canada gives me access to the full study of optical fibers from the synthesis to the characterization while the ICMCB and its partners from Université de Bordeaux helps for a better understanding of my material from a structural point of view. Of course both campuses have facilities for work out sessions, activities with the student office, good poutines and cannelés! I absolutely don’t regret being a part of this adventure!

Téa Skopak
PhD studen between  ICMCB-Bordeaux University (Fr) & COPL-Laval University (Ca)


In the framework of the collaborative project PETAPHYS (LAPHIA - IdEX Bordeaux) and PETAL, a 2nd workshop on "laser-driven Electromagnetic pulses" is organized on March 11, 2016.

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Risky project MULTIVOR > "Spin–orbit photonic interaction engineering of Bessel beams" - Optica 2016 08/02 - 30/04Risky project MULTIVOR > "Spin–orbit photonic interaction engineering of Bessel beams" - Optica 2016

Read this article written by Artur ALEKSANYAN et Etienne BRASSELET about "Spin–orbit photonic interaction engineering of Bessel beams" published in OPTICA.

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