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LIA LUMAQ - Internship opportunities - 2016

1. Internship opportunities - 2016

In the framework of the LIA "LUMAQ", the teams from INRS (CEMT), Laval University (COPL) and Bordeaux University (ICMCB, CELIA, ISM) propose several research internships for the year 2016.

> Please upload the document above to discover the list of the research internship opportunities proposed by INRS, Laval University and Bordeaux University. 

2. Funding

To open up training to an international audience, the Cluster LAPHIA offers several opportunities to partner universities which Laval University and INRS belong. 

For the education call for projects, we propose to fund:

  • Master mobility grant
  • PhD mobility grant 
  • International internships (foreign students only)

This education call offers opportunities in a large array of laser, innovative imaging and photonics & material. 

Applications can be sent continuously. This annual call remains open until suitable candidates are identified. 

Applications may be submitted continuously online : http://idex.u-bordeaux.fr/fr/n/Appels-a-projets-et-candidatures/Appels-ouverts-en-continu/AAP-LAPHIA-Education-program/r2367.html

> Please find other funding opportunities on the following websites : 

For students from Bordeaux University who want to have an international experience, please consult the following webpage : 


For international students who want to come in Bordeaux, please consult the following webpage :