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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx LAPHIACluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence



A Steering committee

Assisted by a project manager, the Steering Committee bears formal responsibility for the efficient running of the project funded by IdEx Bordeaux. It is composed by the Director General and the Deputy Directors. The committee is responsible for defining the scientific policy and determining the action plans arising from the institutional guidelines. It authorizes the commitment of resources for regular staff, operations and equipment, coordinates institutional representation and ensures scientific and budgetary monitoring.

A strategic committee

Exclusively composed of world renowned researchers from outside the site, the Strategic Council validates the major thematic orientations of the programme, validates the implementation of collaborative or structuring programmes and ensures the evaluation of actions for IDEx and the Steering Committee.

  • Marta Fajardo (GoLP - IPFN / Instituto Superior Tecnico - Lisbon - Portugal)
  • Luis Liz-Marzán (Scientific director - CIC biomaGUNE - San Sebastian - Spain)
  • Jean-Luc Adam (Director - SPM: Institut des sciences chimiques – France)
  • Jean-François Roch (Director – Laboratoire Aimé Cotton - ENS Cachan-France)
  • Alain Barthélémy (Director photonics department XLIM – Limoges - France)
  • Martin Richardson (Director - Towns Institute – University Central Florida - USA)
  • Ariel Levenson (Director - national program C’Nano - Paris - France)

A scientific council

The general mission of the LAPHIA Scientific Council (SC) is to assist the Steering Committee in making scientific choices. It is advisory in nature and makes recommendations according to the agenda of the SC. The president of the scientific council leads the debate. Among its recurring missions, the SC deals with the analysis of the returns of the various Calls for Research and Valorisation Projects by proposing a classification of the best dossiers (each dossier having been appraised beforehand by 2 independent scientists). The SC may also submit to the Management any new idea or recommendation, based on the evolution of the research fields covered by LAPHIA.

  • Valerie Blanchet - CELIA
  • Etienne Brasselet - LOMA
  • Thierry Cardinal - ICMCB
  • Dominique Descamps - CELIA
  • Stefan Dilhaire - LOMA
  • Olivier Girel – Pôle Route Des Lasers
  • Philippe Lalanne - LP2N
  • Brahim Lounis  - LP2N (Président du Conseil Scientifique)
  • Patrick Mounaix - IMS
  • Pierre Nassoy - LP2N
  • Rachel Nuter - CELIA
  • Denis Penninckx - CEA
  • Vincent Rodriguez - IMS
  • Joao Santos - CELIA
  • Renaud Vallée - CRPP
  • Jean-Baptiste Verlhac - ISM

An education committee

The mission of the LAPHIA Educaton Committee is to carry out the various projects related to strengthening the links between training and research: Calls for Projects Student Mobility, Visiting Professors. International actions are carried out to encourage exchanges (trainees, thesis co-supervisors) and lead to academic partnerships (co-diplomation).

A Seminar committee

In order to help the management in the selection of scientific events to support (seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.), a seminar committee has been set up.