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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx LAPHIACluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Four researchers from the Bordeaux campus awarded an ERC grant of €10MLabEx LAPHIA

A first for Bordeaux's scientific community - four researchers from three laboratories on the Bordeaux campus have been awarded a single ERC (European Research Council) Synergy grant. Worth €10 million over a 6-year period, this prestigious grant underlines the strong interaction between the fields of neuroscience and photonics in Bordeaux. The LAPHIA cluster has funded some of this projet preliminary work.

Thursday 03 December 2020 by DA ROCHA Daniel. Last update Thursday 03 December 2020
Perseverance, un rover prêt à décoller vers MarsLabEx LAPHIA

Fin juillet est prévu le lancement du rover Perseverance de la mission Mars 2020, dans laquelle sont impliqués des chercheurs bordelais. Avant le décollage ou une fois le rover posé en février 2021, leur travail dans cette mission de longue haleine se décline en multiples facettes. Explications en deux volets. Étape 1 : le compte à rebours. L’été 2020 marquera une nouvelle étape de la mission...

Thursday 16 July 2020 by DA ROCHA Daniel. Last update Thursday 03 December 2020
Article // Increased rise time of electron temperature during adiabatic plasmon focusingLabEx LAPHIANature Communications 2017

Decay of plasmons to hot carriers has recently attracted considerable interest for funda- mental studies and applications in quantum plasmonics. Although plasmon-assisted hot carriers in metals have already enabled remarkable physical and chemical phenomena, much remains to be understood to engineer devices. Here, we present an analysis of the spatio- temporal dynamics of hot electrons in an...

Monday 08 January 2018 by DA ROCHA Daniel. Last update Thursday 16 July 2020
Symposium LIA LUMAQ 2017LabEx LAPHIAdu 29 mars 2017 au 31 mars 2017

Le Laboratoire International Associé (LIA), 
LUmière Matière Aquitaine Québec (LUMAQ), vous invite à son premier Symposium organisé du 29 au 31 mars 2017 à l'ICMCB. Trois jours de présentations et de discussions conjointes France / Canada autour de la photonique.

Wednesday 03 May 2017 by DA ROCHA Daniel. Last update Tuesday 07 July 2020
Conference: Dimitri Batani "Fusion by Inertial Confinement", 12 June 2018, 18:00 - Amphi 1, Building A9, Talence CampusLabEx LAPHIAWinner of the Friedel Volterra SFP-SIF 2017 Awardle Tuesday 12 June 2018 from 18h to 19h

Within the framework of the 15th PLASMAS DIVISION CONGRESS OF THE FRENCH PHYSICAL SOCIETY (SFP), and in partnership with LAPHIA, Dr. Dimitri Batani, Univ. Bordeaux CNRS CELIA /CEA Dimitri Batani, 57, is professor at the University of Bordeaux and physicist at CELIA (University of Bordeaux-CNRS-CEA). He has profoundly contributed to the understanding of high-power laser-matter interaction, essential both for inertial confinement for fusion and for creating secondary sources of X-rays and high-energy protons. Dimitri Batani, member of the Institut Universitaire de France since October 2015, joined Bordeaux in 2011, after a career in Milan and after his doctorate at the University of Pisa in 1990. Upon his arrival in Bordeaux in 2011, he benefited from a "chair of regional excellence", a support programme for the Aquitaine region. He has been a member of the European Academy of Sciences since 2016. He is a fellow of the European Physical Society and was a member of the board of the EPS Plasmas Division from 2004 to 2011. Attention, the conference will take place at A9, Campus de Talence of the University of Bordeaux.. Amphi 1, Bâtiment A9, Campus de Talence 33400 Talence Tram : Peixoto ** Pre-registration is mandatory (please fill out the form below) **

ProjectWednesday 06 June 2018 by DA ROCHA Daniel. Last update Tuesday 07 July 2020
2015_International Year of LightLabEx LAPHIAfrom Thursday 01 January 2015 to Thursday 31 December 2015

This International Year has been the initiative of a large consortium of scientific bodies together with UNESCO, and will bring together many different stakeholders including scientific societies and unions, educational institutions, technology platforms, non-profit organizations and private sector partners.

Wednesday 01 October 2014 by BUE Anne-Lise. Last update Tuesday 07 July 2020