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Université de Bordeaux
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LAPHIA POST-DOC POSITION : Biocompatible and targeted ultra-small Organic Nanoparticles (ONPs) with red-emission for two-photon bioimaging

from Saturday 01 December 2018 to Thursday 28 February 2019
Last update Tuesday 11 December 2018

Post-Doctoral position available

Research subject: Biocompatible and targeted ultra-small Organic Nanoparticles (ONPs) with red-emission for two-photon bioimaging.

Name of the supervisor: Dr. Mireille Blanchard-Desce

Name of the hosting laboratory: ISM (Institute of Molecular Sciences, University of Bordeaux, France), UMR CNRS 5255

-       This project aims at affording a new class of ultra-bright luminescent nanoparticles for easy post synthetic functionalization. The design of these nanomaterials relies on bottom-up or top-down routes which involve molecular engineering and the use of specific technologies such as laser ablation or others. Post functionalization will allow the introduction of antibodies. Bioimaging applications are targeted.

Postdoctoral profile

-       The candidate should have a good knowledge of organic synthesis and proven records in multistep synthesis of sophisticated organic compounds. This is an important point for the elaboration of organic nanoparticles and for their functionalization and characterization. The candidate must be familiar with routine analytical techniques (NMR, FTIR, mass spectrometry, elemental analyses etc…) and spectroscopic techniques as well (absorption and fluorescence). Knowledge of nanoparticles characterization techniques such as TEM, XPS, zeta potential, DLS… will be much appreciated. Experience in fluorescence imaging would be a plus.

Starting:  Early 2019. Deadline to apply:   31st December

Contact : mireille.blanchard-desce@u-bordeaux.fr

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