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LOMA / LAPHIA Seminar Monday 26/02 at 11h30 - Javier Aizpurua

le Monday 26 February 2018
Last update Tuesday 27 February 2018
LOMA / LAPHIA Seminar Monday 26/02 at 11h30 - Javier Aizpurua

Special LOMA / LAPHIA seminar that we hope will interest all the Laser-Photonics community, Monday February 26th at 11h30 am(room 215, building A4N)(local contact: Rémi Avrillier)

Prof. Javier Aizpurua

Theory of Nanophotonics Group  
Director Center for Materials Physics in San Sebastián (CSIC-UPV/EHU)  
Donostia International Physics Center

Email: aizpurua@ehu.eus

"Plasmon-enhanced molecular optomechanics"

Electronic excitations and vibrations of molecules can be efficiently excited and enhanced by the action of optical resonators which improve the interaction between light and matter. Among the variety of optical resonators, plasmonic cavities emerge as a special type which reduce the electromagnetic effective mode volumes down to the nanoscale, thus allowing to bring molecular spectroscopy such as fluorescence or Raman scattering to the extreme. Furthermore, atomic-scale morphological features in plasmonic cavities produce the ultimate confinement of light, setting sub-nanometric access and control of single-molecule excitations and nanoscale molecular optomechanics. To describe the interaction of light and matter at this level, quantum theoretical frameworks are needed.

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